I’ve been very lucky to make it to my late 20’s with 3 of my grandparents, but that changed this past week when my Grandmom passed away.  We’re all happy that she’s in a better place and no longer in pain, but it’s always hard to lose a member of your family.

I haven’t really known what to say about her death, so I just haven’t said anything at all, but during my drive to Georgia I thought about everything she’s given me.grandmomThank you for your wit and always saying exactly what you thought (even if I didn’t want to hear it).  The family has been laughing for years from ‘The Jack and Nancy show’ and your funny comments — even during this year’s more somber Christmas.

Thank you for being there.  You came to countless soccer games, track meets, and volleyball matches around the southeast just to watch me play.  I knew you’d be at any graduation and school event to celebrate with me.gmom2Thank you for my education.  I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to go to any college that I wanted, even if it was out of state, as well as a study abroad experience in Spain.

Thank you for always putting the family first.  I had a great childhood growing up with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and loved all the time we spent together at Callaway Gardens.  Making family a priority came from y’all wanting us to be together and I’m happy to be so close to them.cg3Thank you for the perfect example of love.  The 58 years you and Granddad spent together are something the rest of us look forward to having one day.  Thanks for loving each other, your kids, and grandkids so much — we saw and felt your love every time we visited you.50thI’m so lucky to have had so much time to spend with her over the years.  The last time I saw her she kept saying how happy I seemed, and how much she loved Hunter.  Now I’m happy knowing that she’s up in heaven with dad and can’t wait to celebrate her on Saturday 🙂

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