Although the weather was cold, it was sunny and didn’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors!  My big project of the weekend was to completely refinish our new dining table that we got from Grandmom and Granddad’s house.  We needed a round table for our dining area, and this is perfect, so we decided to sand it down and refinish it.

We sanding takes a lot longer than I imagined…  We’re still working on getting the table sanded, especially all the crevices.  You’ll hear more about this project as we finish it, but here’s a sneak peek of progress this weekend.



I also polished some of the silver pieces I got from Grandmom using Tarn-X.  It smelled terrible, but this vase looks so much better now.  I filled it with some flowers and the iris just started blooming 🙂



Sunday afternoon we headed downtown to Marion Square for the SEWE festival.  Marion typically has the same tents and attractions each year, but this year they had some baby tigers that stole my heart. I think Cleo would love a baby tiger brother to snuggle with… if only that was allowed haha.

I also finally got my sea turtle painting back from being framed at Hobby Lobby and hung it on my side of the master.  It’s a great balance to Hunter’s piece on his side and adds some Kelley flair to the room.  Hobby Lobby did a great job framing it, plus their frames are always on sale and you can use a coupon towards the glass.  Mine was done for under $80!

sea turtle

More exciting news from the weekend to come soon 🙂  Now it’s time to enjoy my day off and get back to work on the table!

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