The 2 days of spring-ish weather in the 60s and 70s made me want to revamp the hanging baskets (esp since I neglected my pansies and they were basically dead).  Hunter and I found some prettier hanging baskets that we were waiting to fill, and I finally just headed to Lowe’s and bought a few items — I’m a bit impatient.

Hanging Baskets for Springpot1

What you’ll need:

  • Hanging baskets
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Extra potting mix

Like I said the baskets we had before had been a little neglected, and I’ll blame it on the cold as well… but they weren’t looking too hot and were dried up and dead.  I got a few varieties of plants for each basket: kale, pansies and mystery pink / white plant who’s name I forgot.  Mom would be proud because I actually read about the plants before choosing them and tried to pick pretty ones, that like sunlight.

The first step was pouring a little potting mix into the basket and then arranging the plants how I wanted.  I kinda broke up the soil they came in a little, so it would mix in well with the potting soil, and then added more potting soil where needed.


After some brief watering, they were ready to hang!  I hung them from the hooks and got Hunter and Cleo’s approval.

Now let’s hope there are no more big cold spells and I remember to water them to keep them alive!  Otherwise I’ll be back at Lowe’s and redoing my baskets again…

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