Hot off the press!  This was one of those projects that I just decided to do one day and immediately grabbed the supplies, while my hot breakfast sandwich was sitting in the car.. Apparently I was just really inspired, or crazy.  My friend Maggie gave us this cute galvanized W that I decided needed a wreath to hang from, and the rest is history (and a perfect rainy day craft).

DIY Boxwood Wreathboxwood1

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden wreath backing
  • 10 sprigs of fake greenery
  • Hot glue / hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

I looked up a few tutorials on Pinterest, but apparently all of those bloggers grow boxwood in their yard except for me, so I went to my handy craft store and found a great, fake alternative.  I figured I’d just wing it and come up with my own method — between a hot glue gun and wreath wire, I felt pretty good.

First I had to cut up some of the fake greenery into smaller pieces.  Scissors could kinda do the job, but I had wire cutters in the house and they made the task way easier.  I cut up a few sprigs at a time, not knowing if I would need them all.

Once you have some smaller greenery pieces, arrange and glue them to the backing.  Wreath wire would work too, but sometimes I just trust my glue gun more than my wire skills.  I glued a few of the bigger pieces to the wreath form as a foundation.


Clearly I had a long way to go… From there I just cut, arranged and glued smaller pieces of greenery around the wreath until it started to fill in.  At the end I was just trying to find open spots where you could still see the backing (probably should’ve painted it green first, oops) and cover as much up as possible, while making the wreath full.


The wreath part was done!  The last thing to do was to figure out how I wanted to hang it on the door.  I had bought some cool white denim ribbon, but could not get it to work to save my life, so sadly that option was out…

I finally went with some canvas ribbon I’ve used before and tied it to hang from the door hanger.  The last thing was to add in the W, and the wreath was done!  Now if only the weather would act like it’s spring and warm up already..

Update: After I bought the fake greenery, Hunter pointed out that we do in fact have some boxwood shrubs… However I believe that they’re too short to cut right now (at least that’s my excuse for why I didn’t use them).  Maybe I can use them for mini wreaths during Christmas?

I had to brag on my friends too — so many sweet presents over the last week! I’ve had fun putting them out here and there.  Thanks y’all!!


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