Can you tell I haven’t been crafting lately?  It’s been so beautiful that I’ve been outside in our yard instead…and we’ve been binge watching House of Cards at night (at least I’m honest).  Promise some cool projects are coming down the line — I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday 😉

I will preface this post by saying I never expected to get excited about gardening at 27.  Like seriously.  It still makes me laugh how much like my mom I’ve become.

With that said, I had been looking forward to ripping out this ugly grass type plant by our garage for about a year, so when I was looking around at Lowe’s one day and saw a blueberry bush, I was sold.  Who doesn’t want blueberries in their yard?

After a little bit of research I learned that you need at least 2 blueberry bushes, so they cross-pollinate…  Back to Lowe’s I went.  The other bush has to be somewhat close to the first one, but not directly next to it, so dug up another ugly bush that had been bothering me for blueberry bush #2.  Yay for blueberries!


I was also excited about adding some color to the side of the house by the driveway.  The daisies appeared to still be alive and thriving, but we had a big empty gap to the right of them from where we filled it in with pine straw.  I bought 3 smaller azalea bushes and planted them a few feet apart.

We’ll have to keep these somewhat trimmed as they grow bigger so they don’t take over the driveway, but I’m excited for the color.  They might not have been the best choice, but they remind me of my grandparents’ house and I guess I was feeling sentimental at the time of purchase!


IMG_4429Since both the blueberry bush and azaleas were bought and planted without Pegs, I’m definitely going to have her check them out when she visits, to make sure they’re in good spots.  Helps to have an expert handy 🙂

The day lilies are already coming back in full swing, and will start to bud soon.  My hydrangeas, rose bushes, and lantana are starting to show some life too.  I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty cool seeing the new fern shoots(?) grow up and slowly unravel.  Almost like octopus tentacles.


IMG_4431I also potted some basil, and want to get a huge pot to put a few other herbs in right outside the back door to the kitchen to be handy for cooking.  And after visiting Hunter’s grandparents at Easter, we decided to get some smaller flowers to put in the front yard, in front of the bushes, to replace the kale.  Plus building some raised planter boxes in the backyard.  So many plans..


The jury is still out if the Mexican heather in the front will be coming back, but I have my fingers crossed.  My fingers are also crossed for some of the creeping Jenny I put in the hanging baskets that replaced the pansies.  If they fail, there’s a nursery nearby with lots of options…


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