This is for all you foodies in the Charleston area — I’ve got a new spot for you!

Last weekend Hunter and I wanted to get some lunch before walking around downtown and running errands and he suggested Artisan Meat Share.

Quick vent: Hunter works downtown and gets to try these great new places for lunch all the time.  I’m stuck on Clements Ferry with Bojangles and Subway. Not fair.

Anyways, so he’s been here a few times for lunch and raved about it, and it had been on my list to try, so I was pumped as we headed downtown.  As luck would have it there was a spot on Spring right across the street — the lunch gods wanted me to eat here too.

ams3We sat at the bar area and ordered drinks while looking over the menu.  Local beer selection: check.  The bartender explained the menu and offered her suggestions which were greatly appreciated by me.  Friendly and helpful staff: check.

I ended up ordering the special –> a breakfast sandwich with ham, pimento cheese,  a fried egg, and pepper relish on a huge homemade biscuit. I love a good breakfast sandwich, and they definitely have brought this breakfast staple up to gourmet sandwich level.AMS1Hunter went with the knuckle sandwich with a side of the local bean salad.  When you look at his you can understand why we both just shut up and ate our lunches for the next few minutes. Yum.

AMS2Good food, good company, and walking distance to anything downtown means this shop will do great.  I want to go back for their meat and cheese boards with wine at night — who’s with me?

Oh and if you can’t stay to eat there, they offer their meats, cheeses and other homemade items for sale.  Impress your friends the next time you have them over with some delectable goodies.

AMS4Next time we need some delicious meats, or just a great lunch or dinner, I know where I’m going.

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