This is another project that fell on my lap –> A guy I work with just moved and the other week he sent me a picture of a seashell wreath they found in their attic and asked if I wanted it for one of my projects.  Of course I wanted it…. So he brought it in and I gave it a new look with a little spray paint.

Spray Painted Seashell Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Seashell wreath
  • Spray paint
  • Ribbon

Spray paint can make over just about anything, and I was convinced it would give this colorful and slightly cheesy looking seashell wreath a more subdued and classy beach look.  Grab your handy can of spray paint, and go to town.
shellwreath05I used a flat white instead of a shiny finish because I wanted it to look like the shells had been bleached.  After a few coats of spray on all sides of the wreath, I let it dry.  The paint alone made a HUGE difference.


Next, I made a bow for the wreath.  I still get nervous when I have to make a bow, but I grabbed some navy blue burlap ribbon and started making one, then decided to add some rope to the bow as a fun accent too.  Once I finished the bow, I attached it with wire, and it was done!seashellwreath07

seashellwreath01Not a bad transformation with just some spray paint and a bow!

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