We spent this past weekend in Savannah for Katie’s wedding!  I had been looking forward to this weekend and seeing some high school friends for awhile, so I was happy it was finally here!

Hunter and I got in town just in time to check in and head to rehearsal on Thursday afternoon.  Rehearsal dinner was at The Wyld Dock Bar, which is kinda like a mix between Bowen’s Island and Mixon (if you live in Charleston you’ll get it), but it was a great outdoor space on the water, with yard games, music and a low country boil.

It was great because we all just hung out and caught up with each other, plus all of our significant others got to finally meet each other.  We ended the night at the Top Deck bar at the Cotton Sail hotel on the river.  So many Starr’s Mill-ionaires in one place — go panthers!

ktj wedding

The bridesmaids spent most of Friday morning and afternoon getting ready in the bridal suite.  Yes, these were the girls who jumped out of a plane with me a few weeks ago, so we’ve got a few stories together already and had fun hanging out until picture time.


Once it was go-time, we got in a bus with the groomsmen and headed to Forsyth Park (the one with the big fountain).  The Coast Guard did a fly over right before the ceremony which was pretty awesome.  The ceremony was right in front of the fountain, and while the general public wasn’t allowed by the wedding, a lot of people had congregated on the other side to watch, and cheered when Katie and Kyle kissed.


The reception was at the Trustee’s Garden, on Broad street.  It was an old building with lots of history and character, and the reception flowed inside and outside.  We all had fun chatting, dancing, and maybe playing with the Coast Guard swords….



IMG_4568To end the night, everyone went to The Rail after the reception.  The Rail is where Katie and Kyle met, and where they got engaged, so it was only appropriate to head there and sing some karaoke!  Kelly and I sang Backstreet Boys, and I had a blast talking to everyone for a little longer before we headed back to the hotel, and then home to Charleston in the morning.

IMG_4577 Lucky for us, Katie and Kyle decided to do a mini-honeymoon in Charleston this week, since they won’t do a real honeymoon for a few months.  Tuesday night after work the four of us met up at the Cocktail Club to reminisce about the wedding and talk about our upcoming one.


Congrats Katie & Kyle!!!


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