It’s that time of year again — Charleston Affair!  This has become one of our favorite weekends since graduating from the College of Knowledge since it’s our non-football way of having a homecoming.  People from around the country come back to Charleston for the weekend to see their friends, reminisce, and pretend we’re in college again..

The weekend started on Thursday morning when Meg and Pj arrived at the house from their overnight trip with chicken biscuits in hand.  What a way to start the work day and get excited for the weekend!  That Thursday night a group of us enjoyed happy hour at Basil to really kick the festivities off.


Friday after work we were off to Avondale to celebrate Sarah and Daniel’s recent engagement!  Gibbon hosted us at her house, and it was great seeing some more Adpi’s (and their significant others) and hanging out on the patio with a low country boil.


Sadly it was a cloudy / rainy Saturday so we couldn’t get a beach trip in before the big party, but Hunter and I ran a lot of errands and went grill shopping instead– my how things have changed!  Once we got ready, I had Meg and PJ snap a picture of our little family before we left for downtown since we never get one with the furball.


Catherine and Jim hosted us at their house again before we all walked over to the Cistern, and we were lucky we were to close to campus since it started raining right when we were going to leave.. so we stayed inside for a little bit longer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 3.38.29 PM

This Charleston Affair celebrated our 5 year reunion — ahh how has that much time passed already?  The perks were that we were eligible for VIP tickets in the building next to the Cistern.  An inside building with AC, no drink or food lines, or mud to walk through? Yes, please.  It was great to have our own area and see other c/o 2010 Cougars, plus we just walked straight out to the stage when we wanted to dance!


Sunday morning Kruin put together a huge brunch at Rutledge Cab Co as a send off to a lot of our friends.  I mean like 45 person reservation huge…  It was a great way for all of us to get together, enjoy a delicious meal and say some goodbyes.


Also, apparently when you stay with people for a few days, you start to dress alike — Meg, PJ, Hunter and I almost looked identical on Sunday.


Since the weather was finally cooperating on Sunday, we headed to Second Sunday on King St after brunch to walk around.  After a few hours in the sun and around downtown, Hunter and I finally headed back home to get ready for the work week.

Can’t wait for another Cofc and #pc06 reunion soon!

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