I haven’t been great about posting anything this week, and I’ll blame it on a crazier work schedule and all of the other Charleston events that have been going on.  But while I haven’t been crafting, or trying new recipes, I have been working on our house!

Our “office” is the room where we put anything we don’t know what to do with, so we can shut the door and hide our mess.  Well, last weekend I decided I was tired of tripping over boxes on the floor, and I was going to organize the chaos and utilize the closet!


I headed to Lowe’s and got a metal shelf that would temporarily go in the closet, then started going through all of my boxes of stuff.  After a few hours of sorting, organizing, moving and labeling, I got all my boxes into the closet!  Only our books, sports stuff, and Hunter’s boxes are still out.

I think Cleo likes the shelves, and has found a new hiding spot too..



I’m so happy to be able to close the closet doors and not see all of our stuff!  And as I write this, Hunter is going through his boxes, so they won’t be sitting on the floor anymore too.  Baby steps.  Next up: Painting, finding a great desk, and hanging our sports stuff on the wall.  We won’t have to hide that room much longer..

When Hunter came home after the bachelor party, I showed him the progress in the office, and the new shelf I moved to the living room.  Then we headed to Mt. Pleasant Mall to check out some chairs I saw the day before.  We both loved them, and got a great price — the search was over.  Our new dining chairs perfectly complement the dining table I refinished.  Now we just need a rug, and the dining nook will be done!

FullSizeRender 11

This weekend we headed to Moultrie Shopping Center, home to our favorite Nadeau and other shops, to look around and see if anything struck our fancy.  Well, it did.  We found a great chair for the living room — totally unexpected.  I broke it in by finishing the latest Dorthea Benton Frank book this afternoon.  I think I’ll get a small table or something to go next to the chair – what do you think?unnamed01

I’m also going to be back to that market because almost everything in there was our style.  Up next for the living room: a new couch, coffee table, and rug.  It’s nice to finally buy things for the house together, and replace all the old stuff from my apartment.  We’re slowly getting there..

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