This past Saturday my friend Katie went to a cocktail making class and couldn’t meet us at the beach, but it sounded like such fun, so I asked if she’d be interested in writing about it.  Luckily, she said yes and gave me a few days off from writing.  So I give you… Katie’s first guest blog post!

The Cocktail Club, known for unique drink concoctions and a cool lounge-y vibe, is not a place I typically visit in light of day. However, a cocktail class focusing on summer punches piqued the interest of myself and friends, Susie and Denise. We ventured into the upper King spot not really sure what to expect from a cocktail “class.”

Upon arrival we were each given a glass of champagne, which set the tone for the day: we were in for a fun and buzzy two hours. The class was filled with approximately 25 students, with half sitting at the bar and half sitting among high-top tables. Susie, Denise and I grabbed a high-top so we could catch up (and gossip obviously).


The creative development team (Jeremiah Schenzel, Matt Soeder and Ryan Welliver) and one chef manned the class. Each punch was created separately so we could see ingredients and how they were used. As we were told halfway through class, “All punches include something strong and weak, sour and sweet.”

The first punch was the “The 1st President.” This one was our absolute favorite so I will include all instructions below. It was so refreshing but also had a little kick:


  • 12 oz rye whiskey
  • 4 oz grenadine
  • 12 oz Ginger Beer (The Cocktail Club makes their own house ginger beer that is delicious)
  • 4 oz mint green tea
  • 2 oz lemon Oleo-Saccharum (peels of 4 lemons, 8 oz sugar)
  • 4 oz lemon juice
  • 6 dashes angostura bitters
  • Fresh nutmeg, to garnish

In a large punch bowl: Combine all ingredients (except ginger beer and nutmeg). Add two cups of ice and give generous stir to ensure punch is chilled through. Finish by topping with ginger beer and grating nutmeg over the punch.

1st President

Each table or group received their own punch bowl so everyone could enjoy multiple servings of all three punches. The next two punches were “Pimm’s Punch” and “Watermelon Sangria.” The Pimm’s Punch included, you guessed it: Pimm’s. The sangria included white rum, white wine, and fresh watermelon pieces.

Watermelon Sangria

In between the punches, we nibbled on a great cheese plate and spiced popcorn. The bruschetta with feta, cucumber and watermelon was amazing!


A great tidbit we learned is to refrigerate a punch overnight to make sure it is fully chilled. Wait to add anything carbonated, such as ginger beer, or ice until you’re ready to serve.

Once the class was over we headed to 167 Raw on East bay street for lobster rolls and rose’. Because what is better than lobster rolls and rose’ in the middle of summer?


Over our late lunch we decided to attend the next cocktail class at the Cocktail Club in September.  The September class will focus on tailgating and bourbon. Tickets are only $25 and the link to purchase is here.

Group Pic

Thanks, Katie!  After hearing about the great time she had, she inspired me to make cocktail while I was crafting that night with my fresh mint.  And it sounds like all of us girls will be going to the next class in September.  Who else wants to join us?

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