The last step of me getting rid of the terrible towel racks in the master bath was to remove the one above the toilet.  I didn’t want another rack there, so I perused Pinterest and decided that I loved the idea of floating shelves instead.

Cue talented friends that I play kickball with: Marc & Melissa.  They started a business last year and have been building all sorts of wooden furniture and home goods.  So instead of building something ourselves (who knows how long that would’ve taken), I asked Marc if they could build the floating shelves for us, and gave them some specs.

After a few weeks, the 4 of us got together for dinner, and for Marc to install the shelves in our bathroom.  Before they came over, we patched the existing holes in the wall and painted over them, so the shelves could go anywhere on that wall.  Once they were in, I was a happy girl — Bye, bye peeling towel rack, and hello decorative shelves!


Of course I had gone to Michael’s earlier in the day, as well as scoured my own store of knick knacks, and had items ready to put on the shelves that night.  The Amanda McLenon sea turtle map print is my favorite, while Hunter loves his new anchor.


If you need floating shelves, tables, or really anything wooden, check out M&M’s Woodwork!  I received pictures of the shelves throughout the process, they are great to work with, plus who doesn’t love supporting a local small business?

Now that the bathroom is finally in a happy state (before a complete renovation), we’ll move back to the living room for a new couch and coffee table.  And I think I know someone that can make coffee tables…

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