This past weekend was spent in Georgia with the parents — yup, an Elder / Wilds family fun weekend.  The Wilds hadn’t been to Callaway Gardens before, so we decided to all get together for a relaxing weekend before football season started.

Hunter and I headed to Georgia on Friday morning so we could stop and see the grandparents before getting down to Pine Mountain.  We took Granddad to the grocery store for a few things (mainly sweets and cookies), then stopped in Peachtree City to see Rollene.  After a golf cart ride to TCBY and visiting, we were off to Callaway!

Pegs knows how to make guests feel welcome, and we arrived to a spread of spinach artichoke dip and wine.  While the sun was still out and we had finished our snack, the 5 of us hopped on the golf cart to check out the Sibley center and show the Wilds the lay of the land.


Demetria set us up with a “VIP” tour, and it was even better with a beer!


After checking out the butterfly center Saturday morning, the guys played the Mountain View course, and us girls went shopping.  There’s not much to the town of Pine Mountain, but they do have some cute shops downtown where you can find some great gifts and knick knacks.  I found something to put in my hostess gifts, and Patty started knocking out some Christmas shopping while we were walking around.  We ended the afternoon with lunch at Rose Cottage, and then chatting by the pool.

The main event was margaritas at San Marcos on Saturday night with some of mom’s neighbors.  Uncle Mark even warned Scott & Patty about what they were going to get into that night.  The eight of us got a table, ordered our margaritas, and spent a few hours laughing and laughing.  After that dinner I think everyone is excited about the wedding next May, and the shenanigans that we’ll get into that weekend.


We enjoyed the rest of the night on mom’s porch with some wine (a merlot from Pride).  After a busy, yet relaxing weekend it was great to just spend a few hours together talking.  I tried being sneaky and getting a picture, but it didn’t turn out too great.

FullSizeRender 14

Sunday morning we got breakfast at the Country Kitchen, before making the trek back to Charleston, with our lil fur babe waiting for us.

I’m so happy that the 5 of us we were able to spend a weekend together down at Callaway!  Family is very important to me, so it’s great to marry into another that values the same thing — plus the fact that the Wilds are great to be around is just wonderful.  I know we’re going to continue to have fun planning this next year, and enjoy more family vacations for years to come!

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