One of the places we know we’re going to do a full renovation is our master bathroom.  Changing the flooring, shower, and vanity will make a huge difference, but won’t be done for at least a year.  Over the past year (really the last few months) we’ve done a few smaller things to make it more our style.


We painted the bathroom before we even moved in, but since I just came across some pictures of what the house looked like when we bought it, I thought it was worth showing the difference.  Paint alone lightened up the bathroom a lot!


Replacing Knobs

An easy and cheap way to change the look of a room is simply replacing the knobs on cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom.  We did that in both places.  The old knobs in the bathroom were boxy and black — not exactly in theme with our light sea foam green walls. I found some mercury glass-ish knobs at Hobby Lobby, and in 5 minutes the vanity was a little more bearable.

Glass Jars

I also got kinda sick of seeing our huge lotion and soap containers on the counter.  Plus the toothbrush holder got dirty, and my blue cup just didn’t belong… so another thing I did was de-clutter the bathroom counter (minus my jewelry holder).  I found apothecary jars at Hobby Lobby, and got mason jar dispensers on Amazon.  Minor change, but another noticeable difference.


Replacing TP Holder

One of the weirdest things about our master bath is that the previous owners just spray painted some fixtures black, but the black paint was in a terrible state of chipping off.  One Saturday I finally had enough of the peeling paint, and decided to replace it once and for all!  After a quick trip to Lowe’s, the new toilet paper holder was in, and covering the previous one’s holes. (Another project completed while Hunter was out of town, ha)


Floating Shelves

One of the terrible towel bars we had to get rid of was over the toilet.  I’m so happy we opted for 2 floating shelves instead of another towel bar, and love the natural element they bring to the bathroom!  Again, special thanks to Mark & Melissa for the shelves 🙂


Shower Towel Rack

Replacing the last spray painted towel rack took longer than I anticipated.  We never hung the first version I made for a few reasons, but ended up hanging a second version that matched the floating shelves.  Finally the chipped fixtures were out, and new stuff was in.  Success.


It took over a year to get here, but with these minor changes done, I can live with our bathroom until we gut it and get fancy.  Another room is done (for now)…

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