A few of you may have heard about the floods a few weeks ago in Charleston.  It was a perfect storm of high tides, a “king” tide, and basically 36 hours straight of rain — Luckily, we weren’t really affected.  The good news was the rains that Sunday gave me a chance to blog, and start some new projects!  When looking for something to do, I stumbled across a burlap canvas I bought awhile back, and decided it was time to use it.

Date on Burlap Canvasburlap date 01

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap canvas
  • Number stencils
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Not really sure if this counts as a craft, but hey, why not?  Alright, grab your canvas, stencils and a pen.  Figure out the numbers you want on the canvas — I went for the 2 digit version of month, day, and year, then arrange the stencils on the canvas.

When you’re happy with the placement, use your pen and outline the numbers.  A sharpie’s ink could bleed, and a pencil doesn’t show up well, so I went with a normal ball point pen.

burlap date 02

I actually didn’t have a 1 or 0 in my stencil pack (because I ruined them making NYE candles), so I used an 8 and I stencil to help me get the shapes of 1 and 0 that I needed.  They’re not perfect, but they’re recognizable.

When you’re done outlining the stencils, you should have 6 numbers on the burlap, in 2 columns.

burlap date 03

The last step is to paint the numbers — told you it was an easy craft.  I just used a basic, black acrylic paint to fill in the outlines.  Since the burlap had been made into a canvas, it was easier to fill in the gaps than a normal burlap, but I did 2 coats for good measure.

burlap date 04

Done!  So I made this without any thought as to where I was going to put it (which is pretty typical).  A temporary home is on the shelves in our bathroom, but I think it’ll end up living somewhere in our bedroom since the burlap and sea foam green walls look great together.

burlap date 06

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