The first time I went to Indaco was almost 2 years ago, and sadly I had never gone back, although I loved my meal.  I’ll blame this on the influx of new restaurants, and also my habit of sticking with the familiar when I can’t decide…

Anyways, Lauren set up a brunch there last Sunday and I was excited to go back for a different meal.  They set up the 5 of us at one of the hightop tables toward the back, near the kitchen and immediately offered drinks.  Why yes I’ll have the bottomless mimosas on this about-to-be-rainy Sunday.

indaco 02

The brunch menu had an assortment of dishes, and we ended up getting a variety.  Catherine and Jim each got different breakfast pizzas, Lauren got some sort of dish with potatoes as the base, and I forgot what TJ had (oops).

I ended up with the breakfast sandwich, because I love breakfast sandwiches.  This was like a bigger, fancier version of what I make at home and had arugula, 2 eggs, pork belly, some aioli and a cheese I can’t pronounce.  I was pretty happy about the two eggs since I had 2 runny yolks to dip my bites in, and that pork belly…. yum.

indaco 01

We all cleaned our plates, then just enjoyed the company (and our mimosas) before finally leaving and checking out the new West Elm down the street.  Now that Indaco is at the top of my mind, I’ll be back again soon, for brunch or dinner!

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