We’ve had 2 weekends now where the weather isn’t 90+, so it seems fall is truly around the corner.  With the cooler weather on my mind, the other day I decided to plant some new flowers and spruce up the yard for fall after work — I’ve truly become my mother.

Hanging Baskets

The petunias in my hanging baskets were really struggling by the end of July with all the heat, so I had already taken them down. When I was at Lowe’s I ended up getting some small mums, purple flowers and ivy for my baskets.  I wanted some sweet potato vine, but they were out and ivy was a good backup.  I’m not really sure the mini mums work in a hanging basket, but I liked the white with the purple and green, and mums are very fall-y.

fall garden03

The mums are blooming, and appear to be doing good so far!


The 3 azaleas I planted back in April seem to like their home, and started blooming again — They didn’t bloom for a few months and were pretty wilted, so I was pumped to see them all flower again and know I haven’t killed them yet.


Sadly, one of our yellow rose bushes was overtaken by Japanese beetles and kicked the bucket despite my my minor efforts to save it.  I finally dug it up and replaced it with another azalea bush, since I had some confidence in keeping them alive.
fall garden02


I bought 2 other white blooms, thinking I’d put them in the planters in the back, but quickly realizing that was a terrible idea.  I put them in a small pot that now sits on our front patio instead.  Again, I’m not really sure of the name, but the Lowe’s employee said they reminded her of popcorn.

fall garden04

I planted some sweet potato vine in the planters by our fire pit during the summer expecting the heat to kill them off, but they have done the opposite and are thriving.  I typically have to cut them back every week or so because they grow so fast.  I like the lime green color, and these are doing so well that I doubt I’ll change them anytime soon.

After 10 days a few of the vines were taller than me, and were spreading out across the lawn!

fall garden06

fall garden05

We both want to do something to the front bed with the bushes, but have no idea.  The bushes came back in full force after the huge trim when we moved in, and I had to cut them back the other day.  I think there should be a little color in front of the green bushes — anyone have any suggestions?

fall garden07

Next yard projects: The usual pruning, giving the front bed some love, and hopefully redoing the back stone path & fire pit area soon.  It’d be great to have the last thing done before we start hosting some oyster roasts…

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