Last summer Hunter’s parents brought over a set of old corn hole boards that they didn’t use so we could have them for the yard, and especially for the house warming party we were about to throw.  We were both thrilled to get the boards, and also thought they’d be fun to have out at our wedding, so a repaint job was in the works..

Repainting Corn Hole Boards – part 1

What you’ll need:

  • Corn hole boards
  • Hand sander
  • Sand paper
  • Primer paint
  • Paint brush / roller

Before I even decided on what design I wanted to paint on the corn hole boards, I needed to do the hard part and prep the corn hole boards for a paint job.  Below is a picture of what we were working with — not exactly our style:cornhole 01

The boards actually had some texture to them, as if they were maybe covered in a sealer and when it dried it left bumps all over the boards.  The first step was to smooth everything out with my hand sander.  Start with a lower number of sand paper (like 80) and gradually move up to a finer one (like 220) as the boards become smoother.

cornhole 02

Since we had to cover some black, green, and yellow, we needed a good primer.  I picked up a can from Lowe’s that mentioned it was good on wood, and for the outdoors.  One Saturday afternoon I started on the top and painted a coat — let it dry — flipped it over — and painted a coat on the bottom until they were ready to dry overnight.

cornhole 04

cornhole 05

I decided that white was going to be a primary background color for the boards (with a design on top), so on Sunday I did another coat on both the top and bottom since you could still see some color coming through.
cornhole 03
Even after 2 coats the white isn’t perfect,but I think after 1 more coat on the top it’ll be good.  Back to Lowe’s I go, since the 2 coats used a whole quart full of primer for the 2 corn hole boards!

Next steps: The last coat of primer on the top, then the fun part of painting the boards with a custom design 🙂  This has taken longer than expected, but I’m excited to get it done.  To be continued…

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