The weather wasn’t great this weekend, so I decided to use the time to get started or complete several projects that had been on my mind.  After running a few errands, I was ready to get started.

We ordered a headboard from Overstock a few weeks ago for the guest bedroom, so Hunter and I put it together and attached it to  the bed.  Of course this spiraled into me wanting to immediately replace the bedding.  The bold black & white print I previously had in my apartment was not ideal for a relaxing guest room.  I found a great white quilt at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but they were out of the shams.  I found them online, and they’ll be here soon.  And I finally put some oyster shells in the lamps that we bought a long time ago.. Better late than never!

The new bedding inspired me to register for sheets to go with it (don’t worry the blue sheets will go away), look for a great blanket for the end of the bed, and look for new pillows, curtains, and side tables.  This is a room that will be repainted, and I can’t wait to finish it the way we want and replace all the old apartment stuff.



Another project was our laundry room.  Back at my apartment, I had 1 plastic container that I put all my random tools and household items, like light bulbs, in.  It was great in a small apartment, but now it’s impossible to find anything we need in it.

I found some great canvas containers while I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and finally split the big blue bin into the 2 containers: tools & hardware, and household items.  Much better, plus they look nice with the “paper products” basket.  Side note: I’m still loving all the shelves our laundry room has.  Yay for storage!


A few weeks ago we found this great desk for our office at Celadon – another yay!  Getting the new desk in, and my childhood desk out really made both of us start to think about fixing up the office for real. I know we’ve been talking about this for awhile, but it was hard to get started until we had a desk to build the room around.  With the desk in the corner, mom’s old mini tv being used as a second monitor, and some desk organization complete with Target’s help, I wanted to keep it going.  Over the weekend I found a great lamp at Home Goods, but it was too large for the desk, so the search continues.

There’s still a lot to do, (repaint the room, put in crown molding, hang our diplomas, hang our sports memorabilia, get an office chair, get a bookshelf, and get rid of all the boxes still in the room), but I’m happy with the progress!  I’m looking forward to the day I work from home in our office, and not just on the couch.


I was also crafting up a storm.  You’ll hear more about this soon, but corks, corn hole boards, paint, cotton, and shells were involved.  Saturday night Erin and Maggie came over and we drank wine and painted various projects in the garage.  We had a blast, and I hope to do nights like that again with the girls.  And yes, this is what our table looks like 80% of the time. Hunter is amazing for putting up with my crafting binges!



Speaking of amazing, I came home to a new S’well bottle filled with flowers on Thursday night!  Talk about lucky.  And here’s my plug for my favorite shop that I still work at occasionally –> Las Olas sells these bottles if you’re looking for one!  We got the wine bottle sized ones, but there’s a few other sizes and so many colors to choose from.  Also, note the new e-commerce website they have 🙂



This definitely wasn’t a lazy weekend, and I’m happy about that!  I had Hunter promise that we’d get some house projects done, and we definitely did.  I’ve learned that when you complete something off your home to-do list, you end up adding 3 more items, and that’s still true after this weekend.  Now on to finishing some of my projects!

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