A few weeks ago when we were looking forward to this weekend, I sure had a different idea of how it would go!  This was the weekend of the Clemson / Notre Dame game and we were excited that there was a chance both team would be ranked going into it.  Well both teams were (#6 and #12), but we didn’t expect a hurricane off the coast mixing with a cold front to provide a very wet weekend.

After packing all the rain gear we could find and buy in Mt. Pleasant, we headed up to Greenville.  Since it was an 8pm game, we had originally thought about leaving later in the day to go over, but then Clemson announced that some of the grass tailgate lots were losing spaces because of the weather.  We didn’t want to be stuck without our spots, so Saturday morning we got dressed and hit the road around 9:30am.

I enjoy college football, and have been at quite a few tailgates, but Saturday was another beast.  It literally rained ALL day, and the tailgates had to adjust to that.  Most people brought extra tarps to create walls on the side, and the one next to us brought hay for the floor.  By 2pm all of the “grass” had turned into mud, and I was pretty thankful I bought rain boots the day before.




By the time it was 8pm, I think everyone was ready for some football.  I assumed that it couldn’t continue to pour like it had all day, but boy I was wrong.  It didn’t drizzle, it was full blown raining and then just pouring the entire game.  Oh, and it was extremely windy.  Halfway through the 3rd quarter, I was soaking wet, cold, and just about over the game haha.  Needless to say, I was very happy that Clemson held off Notre Dame’s comeback and won the game.  That brightened the mood for just about everyone there and made the rain a little bit tolerable.


Sunday morning we woke up to a text from our neighbor saying sorry about the oak tree on our garage — what?!?!?  Really saturated ground + a little wind = trees down, and this one happened to land on the roof of the garage.  We hopped in the truck and started the trek back across the state to Charleston to see what damage we had.  By the time we were in Columbia, you could tell how bad the flooding was.  We crossed a river that was almost up to the interstate, and just raging.  Luckily, we made it home before they shut down parts of the interstate.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.19.02 PM

Once we were home and Cleo was fed, we walked around to start assessing the damage.  The pictures we received didn’t look terrible, but when we opened the garage we saw water which meant there were holes.  We found a few places where the tree had come through the roof of the garage, but it could have been a lot worse.



Again, luckily my car was fine in there — just covered with debris, the garage is detached so the house wasn’t hurt at all, and we aren’t dealing with the flooding that others are.

Of course as we were getting our laundry done and cleaning the house, the power went out again.  We opened some wine, lit some candles, and watched movies on my old laptop.  I also started on a new project until there wasn’t enough daylight to keep working.


I had hoped to use Sunday as a relaxing day to get some projects done, write some posts, and prepare to have some guests in town, but we still had fun regardless of the circumstances.  Today we hope to get the part of the tree that’s on top of the roof cut down so we can tarp up the holes and deal with insurance.

This definitely wasn’t the weekend I imagined, but Clemson won, our house is okay and the rain should stop soon!

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