It’s no surprise that I love decorating for holidays and always enjoy making a new wreath!  In the spring I was dying to make a cotton boll wreath, but alas, it’s the wrong season to find cotton bolls or anything cotton related at craft stores.  I tried looking at the local craft spots a few weeks ago, but Michael’s was already sold out, and seasonal stuff isn’t restocked.  Luckily I found a shop online with great prices, and cotton was on it’s way to me.

Cotton Boll Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • 6 Cotton boll floral sprays
  • 18″ Grape vine wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters


Since 12 cotton bolls were all attached on one floral spray, the first thing I did was cut them down into small pieces with ~2-4 bolls per piece, using my wire cutters.

cotton wreath 02

I attached the cotton pieces to the grapevine wreath using small pieces of floral wire, twisting in place where needed.  I slowly worked my way around the wreath…

cotton wreath 03

After I made it all the way around, I still had ~1.5 of the floral sprays left, so I cut those down and continued to attach the cotton pieces to the wreath where it looked like it needed more until I was out of cotton.

I wasn’t sure how much cotton I would need, and at one point thought maybe I had enough for two wreaths, but I was wrong.  If they were smaller wreaths, I bet it’d be enough, but I wanted a fuller, 18″ wreath for my front door.  Using all 6 of the floral sprays, this is what I ended up with:

cotton wreath 04

At this point, I just needed to hang it on our front door to replace the anchor door hanger for fall.  After I hung it, I decided it needed something else, and added the galvanized W Maggie gave us that I had used in my boxwood wreath.  Voila — much better!

Make your own cotton boll wreath!

cotton wreath 06 Our front door and parts of the house are officially ready for fall!  Better late than never..


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