I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I can attribute that to 3 things:

  1. Work
  2. Weather / DST
  3. Other projects

The biggest news is that SPARC was acquired by Booz Allen Hamilton.  I’ve been at the company for over 4.5 years, and it was my first “real job” after college, so it was kinda a big announcement.  Luckily, my day to day life won’t be changing that much right now, but I’ve spent the week doing my normal job, plus all the orientation activities and training.  Needless to say, that’s exhausting.

Between daylight savings time, and the recent rain (plus the extra work), it’s killed my crafting mood.  Plus when it’s been nice, I’ve been outside enjoying the warmer than usual weather

While I was working on the corn hole boards, I had some other projects in the works and was brainstorming others.  Since Hunter’s away at the Clemson game, I’ve been knocking out A LOT of stuff, and am excited to finally share it with y’all!

Stay tuned for some great posts this week, and enjoy this beautiful weather!  I can’t believe it’s in the 70s/80s here, but it makes for great time on the beach 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 3.23.10 PM

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