Most of my projects start because I will get an idea, and I won’t stop thinking about it until I make it.  That was completely the case here.  We’ve been slowly working on our guest room and I finally had a vision in my head.  That vision included some white curtains with navy blue ball fringe on them.  Well I found exactly what I wanted on Pottery Barn for $119 a panel — no, thank you.  I also found a DIY post for making your own for wayyyy less, which was right up my alley.

Navy Blue Ball Fringe Curtains

What you’ll need:

  • White curtains
  • Navy blue ball fringe (~12 yds)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

First, find your supplies.  I found the navy blue ball fringe trim that I needed on Etsy, and some basic white curtains from Target.  Once everything had been delivered, I was ready to go.


I started by ironing the curtains to get all the wrinkles out.  I didn’t want wrinkles when they were hanging, but it also helps them lay flat when attaching the trim.  When they were ironed, I started measuring out the ball fringe on the curtain.  I decided that I wanted the fringe on 2 sides of the curtains — the inside where the panels would meet, and on the bottom.  I have enough leftover for the other long side too if I decide I want to add that on.

Next, it was time to attach the trim to the curtains.  Since I don’t have a sewing machine, I needed an another way to attach the trim to the curtain panel.  The DIY article I read used hot glue, and we all know I get a lot of use out of my hot glue gun 🙂

Slowly attach the trim to the edge of the backside of the curtain panel, with dots of hot glue.  Putting it on the back will just let the navy blue balls show when they’re hung.

pom curtain 01I took my time doing this to make sure I didn’t mess up, but got into a groove after awhile.

pom curtain 02

pom curtain 04

Note: Another method to attach the trim could be using iron on adhesive, or just sewing it.  The hot glue method was both cheap and efficient though.

I did have a little helper wanting to play with the trim while I was finishing the last panel.

pom curtain 05

Once my curtains were done, I was ready to hang them, unfortunately I needed a curtain rod first.  I found one the next day, pulled out my drill and hung the curtains myself since I couldn’t wait another day before Hunter would be home.

pom curtain 20

pom curtain 12

pom curtain 08

pom curtain 09

pom curtain 21

The room is still a work in progress, but the curtains add life to the room and make it feel more homey. I wanted my curtains to tie into the white sheets with navy trim that we have registered for.  Their job is to add little pops of color without being overwhelming, but still keep the room really light and airy.

While I was out getting a curtain rod, I stopped by Lowe’s to get a plant for the room.  I bought some peace lilies because they remind me of my Grandmom, and the green and white is a great complement to the bed!
pom curtain 18

pom curtain 17

Now let’s break down the financials: Two Pottery Barn panels for the length I needed would have been $240 + shipping.  I got 2 panels from Target for $44 (free shipping) and the trim for $27 with shipping.  That’s a savings of $169 for the same look!

Next up for this room: Side tables & artwork.  You can check out the inspiration behind the chaos for this room on my Guest room / bath board and see all of our guest room projects here!

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