I’ve been making a lot of things for friends lately, and wanted to share with y’all what I’ve been working on even though they’re not “new” projects.

USC Pillows

After my friend Will saw the Clemson pillow I made for Panda, he asked if I could make some USC ones for him and his parents.  We came up with a design (the state outline and USC emblem), then I got to work!

will 01

will 02 I can’t wait to see these in their new homes!

Wedding Date Canvas

Kaylee is getting married the week before us and liked the date on burlap canvas I made, so I did one for her!  I couldn’t find the smaller burlap canvases at Michael’s anymore, but got bigger ones which allowed us to personalize it a bit more.  In other news, I’m obsessed with the “&” in Carolyna pro.


Etsy Shop

I’ve also been busy with some Etsy sales!  I made a Washington state home pillow for a customer, and learned a little bit about U.S. geography.  Plus my little helper had to check out what I was doing..


I’ve also been trying to prepare my shop and my inventory for the holiday season.  I made another batch of small, medium, and large soy oyster shell candles so they’re ready to ship.  You’ll be seeing some other holiday crafts coming soon that I’m hoping to also offer on my shop!

oyster candle 08

<plug> When you’re starting to think about buying presents for the holidays, I hope you keep me in mind!  I’m happy to make almost anything, and ship it as soon as possible.  You can use code BLOG20OFF for 20% off until Christmas! </plug>

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