The last few years Uncle Mark and I have been in charge of place cards and random things for the table on Thanksgiving.  We have made turkeys out of candy, used pine cones to hold the place cards, and even paper bag turkey legs.  Today I realized I hadn’t made place cards so ran to the store to see what I could come up with.

Pilgrim Hat Place Cards

What you’ll need:

  • Paper / styrofoam cups
  • Construction paper (black & yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Silver sharpie

I opted to make some little pilgrim hats out of cups and construction paper, and write the names on the brim.  First things first, get all the pieces ready.  Trace the bottom of the cup on black construction paper for however many hats you need to make (I made 5).

pilgrim hat 01

Then draw and cut out the buckles on yellow construction paper.

pilgrim hat 03

Wrap the cup in black construction paper (if you can’t find black cups).  I taped the end to the cup, rolled it on the cup, taped the other end, and then trimmed the top and bottom to get the excess paper off.

pilgrim hat 02

Tape (or glue) the little circles you’ve already cut out to the bottom of the cup.  This will become the top of the hat.  Put the cup on more black construction paper, and draw a circle around it, about an inch from the cup.  This will make the brim of the hat.

pilgrim hat 04

Cut the big circle out, and attach it to the “hat” with tape.  Then attach the buckle to the hat with more tape.

pilgrim hat 05

The last part is to use your silver sharpie to write the names on the brim of the hat.  I used this silver glitter glue on the first hat, then mom came home and showed me where she keeps sharpies… so the rest of the hats are done in silver sharpie.

pilgrim hat 06
pilgrim hat 07

Our Thanksgiving is a little smaller this year, so I only had 5 hats to make.  We’ll miss the family in Boston, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Costa Rica!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving holiday!

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