Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can share some of the Christmas crafts I started early (oops).  I had high hopes of making some beautiful oyster shell Christmas trees, which is where this craft started.  Then I got started, and realized I didn’t have enough of the shells I needed to accomplish this, changed my strategy, and ended up with something completely different… Such is life.  Luckily, I still liked how this turned out, and it’s now part of my Christmas decor!

Oyster Shell & Spanish Moss Tree

What you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam cone
  • Faux Spanish moss
  • Oyster shells
  • Hot glue gun

Like I mentioned, I started this project thinking I’d cover the foam cone in oyster shells and call it a day. ¬†Unfortunately even the smaller shells I had were still kinda big to do this, or else curved — flat shells are the most ideal.

So, I went through my small oyster shell stores, got the flat ones out and glued the first one to the styrofoam cone with my hot glue gun.

oyster tree 01

That was the point I had my epiphany that my project was going to have to change… Gotta be agile!  I glued the second shell on the cone, about a half inch from the first.  Then I glued some Spanish moss around the shells to cover the green styrofoam, and fill the space where shells wouldn’t be glued.

oyster tree 02

Now I was thinking this doesn’t seem too bad.. I can work with this.  I continued to glue a shell, then surround it with Spanish moss, until I made my way around the bottom of the cone.

I’m not gonna lie, this is messy — as are all crafts involving Spanish moss — and there’s no right or wrong method to do this.  Just glue away as you please!

oyster tree 03

I continued attaching shells, then filling in with Spanish moss as I made my way up the cone.  For the second layer, I tried to place the shells in between the ones below them.

oyster tree 04

For the top of the cone, I glued some Spanish moss to the very top of the cone first, to make sure that would be covered.  Then I glued 3 shells to the cone, and filled in any spots with more Spanish moss.  Since the styrofoam cone doesn’t come to a point, the top of the shells aren’t attached to anything, just the bottom of them, so you’ll need to be careful when gluing them.

oyster tree 05

Alright — now you’ve got an oyster shell and Spanish moss tree!  I used scissors to trim any moss pieces that were sticking out really far, and made sure you couldn’t see the foam anywhere.

oyster tree 06

Then I just needed to find a place to put it! ¬†Initially I sat it on our mantle, next to a pumpkin because I made this in early November and still had my fall decor out. ¬†Now that it’s officially Christmastime, it’s sitting on the mantle with one of my burlap trees and a decoupaged tree.

I still want to try to make a tree completely out of oyster shells (when I find the right ones), but am happy with how this guy turned out, despite the last minute changes!

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