December always seems to fly by, and this year is no exception.  I feel like I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and that’s due to everything else going on right now!

The first weekend in December, we headed to Charlotte for the ACC Championship!  We met my best friend, Kirstin, and her husband, Tim, and had a great weekend cheering on the Tigers (GT didn’t even make a bowl game, so this is allowed).

dec 2015_07

My birthday is in early December, and I celebrated 28 like I was both a retiree and a child.  On my actual birthday, Taylor cooked us a delicious dinner (in his fabulous house), then we headed to the newly renovated Gaillard Auditorium for a talk on Race in America by none other than Ken Burns, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Mayor Joe Riley.  We may have been some of the youngest in attendance, but I really enjoyed the talk, plus being front row didn’t hurt either 😉

dec 2015_01

The day after my birthday, SPARC (we’re still technically called SPARC, but yet we’re Booz Allen too) hosted a holiday market in the afternoon.  Team members with side businesses could have a table set up and sell their items to other SPARC members.

Since this was the first time I had ever sold something in person, I spent the beginning of the week preparing by making lots of inventory, getting bags ready, and ordering some business cards.  I left Thursday night calling the event a success!  I learned a lot, but also did fairly well selling gifts and sold out of some things – woo!

dec 2015_02

The week wasn’t over yet, and there was no time for rest.  Our new bed for the master came in on Friday!  We (but really Hunter) spent Friday night assembling it, and then putting the bed back together.  I’m so happy to have a headboard and bed frame, and we’re a little closer to finishing the master.  I was pretty tired of looking at the metal bed frame and a bare wall…

dec 2015_03

The second part of my birthday celebration was spending Saturday morning at the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.  We visited the 9 sea turtle patients and learned about their illnesses and treatments.  Plus, I bought items off their Amazon wish list, so I played Santa to the turtles and gave them gifts 🙂dec 2015_04

About an hour after we left the sea turtle hospital, we were on our way back to Charlotte.  We spent the night with Hunter’s friends which was perfect timing to attend their Christmas party that night!  On Sunday, the four of us headed to the Falcons / Panthers game.  Unfortunately, the Falcons didn’t get the memo that I wanted to win, and scored 0 points… but we had a great time regardless!dec 2015_05

Tired yet? Because I sure am.  Luckily this week will slow down a little bit, but I feel like I’m still going full speed until Christmas when I finally get to relax.

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