Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that after we got engaged in February, I started following some wedding related accounts on Instagram.  It’s great for inspiration, right?

Well one of the accounts, Southern Weddings, posted about people interested in doing an ornament swap with others around the country.  Considering I was in the process of making a bunch of ornaments for my shop, and for fun, I was totally in.  I sent my information and waited to hear back.

On my birthday I got an email from Southern Weddings with the information for the 4 girls I would be sending ornaments to.  I decided to send some of the wooden heart shaped map ornaments of the Lowcountry that I had made and fallen in love with recently, since they were 1. handmade, and 2. represented me, and my spot in the South!


I shipped these 4 guys off, and waited to see what I’d receive in return.  The first ornament I received was from Dublin, GA, and was made from a slice of a birch tree.

ornament swap_ga

The woodland owl was from Connecticut.
ornament swap_CT

The bell ornament is from NJ.

ornament swap_NJ
And the greenery ornament is from Raleigh, NC!
ornament swap_NC

This was a fun way to celebrate the season and send a little piece of Charleston around the country.  I’ll definitely be doing this again next year, and maybe other friends will too!

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