I think we all know that I absolutely love sea glass — Some of my favorite earrings are blue sea glass from Maine.  I also love the color blue just as much.. So when I saw Krylon had now spray paint that was a sea glass finish, in a blue color, I was dying to paint something.  Well I was in Hobby Lobby, and right around the corner were clear glass ornaments, and I was sold. Sea glass ornament time!

Sea Glass Ornaments

What you’ll need:

  • Krylon Sea Glass spray paint
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Gloves

sea glass ornament 01

Yup, this is going to be an easy project if you want to add some color to your tree.  Our tree has a mixture of blue, mercury glass, shell ornaments, and then an assortment of ornaments from growing up, and places we’ve visited (plus rope for more texture).  It could always use more blue, so that’s what exactly what I did.

Ok, find a good place to spray paint, take out your ornaments, and put on your gloves.  Hold the ornament by the top, and lightly spray it with the spray paint.  If you spray it too heavy, then there will be drip marks.

sea glass ornament 02

When the ornament is covered, let it dry in your hand for a minute, then put it to the side, and pick up another.  I ended up doing two coats on the ornaments so the paint was even.
sea glass ornament 03

sea glass ornament 04

Once they’re all completely dry, they’re ready to hang in the tree!  I placed the 12 of them around the tree, and stepped back.  Like most sea glass, they look great when the light is coming through behind them (and of course failed to get a picture of that).

sea glass ornament 06

sea glass ornament 07

I also had some smaller mason jars that would be good candle holders, so I sprayed those while I was outside.  Nothing like some easy, tea light holders!
sea glass ornament 05The sea glass paint comes in a few different colors, so I might be going back to pick up another and paint other glass objects.  What would you paint for a sea glass feel?

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