The 2014 college football season was extra special to me because Georgia Tech had a great season, and topped it off with an Orange Bowl win.  Well this year’s season was special for Hunter, therefore it was special for me too.  Clemson had an outstanding season, broke records, and ended up at the National Championship.  Since football season is pretty big in our lives, I thought I’d take a look back at the memorable moments of the season.

Wettest Game: Clemson vs. Notre Dame

I ended up having to buy rain boots for this game, and thank goodness I did because they were crucial, and necessary the following week at the Georgia Tech game.  We got to the tailgate at 10am, the game was at 8pm, and there was maybe a 30 minute rain break all day / night.  Also this was the weekend of the epic SC flooding.


cfb_2015 01

Best Win: Georgia Tech vs. Florida State

Miracle on Techwood anyone??? Pegs and I literally screamed, embraced, screamed some more and watched highlights all night.  GT had a mediocre season, but this night (and ruining FSU’s hopes) was definitely the highlight of our season.

Coldest Game: ACC Championship

Considering the winter so far has been pretty mild, I was surprised that early December was so cold.  Bank of America stadium is outside, so we bundled up for a day of tailgating and night of football.  Enjoying the win and weekend with Kirstin and Tim was an added bonus.

dec 2015_07

Favorite Football Project: Cornhole Boards

This has been the longest project I’ve taken on, plus it was centered around football so it had to be on the list.  I ended up painting 2 football fields on our corn hole boards, just in time to be used at a party.  I still get tired thinking about the number of hours that went into these guys..
FullSizeRender 15

Best Loss: Georgia Tech vs. Georgia

I needed an excuse to include Tech on here again, and we didn’t have much to celebrate.  I will say, I’m pretty sure most people thought UGA was going to run away with the game, but they only won by 6… against a team with 12 injuries (most were starters) and Georgia was only missing 1. Plus it wasn’t a shut out, and I had great company in the stands.  A fun game, and acceptable loss 🙂

cfb_2015 02

Best Tailgate: Clemson vs. Oklahoma

We weren’t in Miami, but we were devouring so much food at Michelle and CJ’s house.  Oysters, dips, Chickfila nuggets, bourbon… we had it all and we ate from 3:30pm through the ball drop at midnight.  It was also fun to enjoy the game with most of our Charleston friends!

Best Game: National Championship

Clearly a no brainer.  Just the experience to be at a National Championship was a once in a lifetime opportunity, add in a day in Vegas, and enjoying it with friends and it tops the chart, even with the loss.

cfb_2015 03

cfb_2015 05

7 games, 4 states, and a lot of wins —  Cheers to the 2015 college football season!  It was a few months full of great trips, friends, and memories.   I’m already counting down to September, and hopefully GT will have a better year…

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