Two weeks ago I went to Charleston Blog Society‘s event at the Gadsen House, off of East Bay Street.  I hadn’t been able to make an event in a few months, so I was looking forward to seeing some of the girls I network with each week, as well as check out the newly renovated Gadsen House.

Marianne (Basil and Bubbly) and I headed there together and ended up walking up through the back of the property where the huge courtyard was.  I was already in love with the place from the outside alone with the huge wraparound porches, brick, manicured flower beds.. ahhhhh.


Okay so you could definitely say walking up to the house set the stage for their venue pretty well.  We walked in through the first floor rooms and headed upstairs to where Gillian set up a mock Valentine’s Day tablescape for our styling event.  Check this beautiful and festive table out…

The idea to use kraft paper with white X’s and O’s for the runner was super creative, plus really easy to replicate. And ombre rose centerpieces – yes, please.

I absolutely LOVED the stationery that The Silver Starfish did.  We all know I’m obsessed with watercolor, and I thought the envelopes were really fun.

Now the good stuff –> the desserts.  Swank Desserts had a cute setup with brownies, macaroons and cookies.  I couldn’t get enough of those Mexican hot chocolate cookie sandwiches.. yum.

It was also great to finally meet a few bloggers who I was just virtual friends with previously!  Tiffany, Marianne and myself were stopped for a photo before I indulged in the punch.

VenueDesserts | Signature Drink | Sparkling Wine | Rentals | Paper goods

If you’re interested in joining the Charleston Blog Society — let me know!  I’d love to tell you about it 🙂  Hopefully it won’t be months until I can make the next event!

Plus, I’d love for someone to have an event at the Gadsen House soon… just sayin’

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