This is a SUPER easy project that I shared on Instagram the other day, and thought I’d mention here too.  I am a huge believer that paint can change the look of anything with just a little time and effort, and that is exactly what I did here. Spray paint + 30 minutes = cute sign for the bookshelf.

Painted Love Sign

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden sign
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray paint

I found this cute wooden “LOVE” sign at Hobby Lobby one day that was 50% off.  I wasn’t crazy about the multi-colored bottom, but knew that could be an easy fix with minimal effort, so I brought it home.love_01

I taped off the wooden part of the block letters using painters tape.  I wrapped the tape all the way around, and made sure to get in all the crevices so blue paint wouldn’t be everywhere.  This part took the longest, but is crucial for straight paint lines.

Next, just spray paint the bottom whatever color you choose! I have big pieces of cardboard that I put under whatever I’m painting to protect the driveway, so grab that or some newspaper before getting crazy with paint.  I had some leftover sea glass blue spray paint from ornaments I made in December that I decided to use.  Since it wasn’t a solid color, it took a few more coats than normal, but the look is the same.  Apply enough coats to get the desired color, allowing enough time to dry 07love 04

Voila — You have a refinished wooden sign!  Now it matches our decor and looks way better for no extra cost.  Those are the best types of projects in my book 🙂

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