We are officially under 75 days to the wedding, and I feel like I’ve been thinking about all the small details that are left day & night.  Since our wedding has been top of mind, I was so excited when Helen from Borrowed & Blue approached me to hear about my wedding planning experience!

“I first came across Coastal Kelder when I was looking for awesome Charleston blogs to follow. Little did I know that Kelley is actually a Borrowed & Blue bride who uses our site as one of our wedding planning resources! For folks looking for a great new blog to follow, Coastal Kelder is awesome: Kelley always has great ideas for fun activities and DIY masterpieces. On top of that, she’s a Charleston lady with local expertise, and a bride-to-be! I could barely wait to get these interview questions in front of her to learn more about her. I can’t wait for y’all to read through and get a sense of her blog.”

– Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s Charleston Market Specialist

So without further ado, here’s my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:

  1. Describe your style in 6 words.

Comfortable coastal with lots of texture.


  1. How did Coastal Kelder come to exist?

I started writing a blog to keep my family in the loop as I moved into my own apartment after college.  I realized that I was mainly posting about projects and crafts for my place more than anything else, so it took on more of a DIY vibe, with occasional recipes and life updates.  I really enjoy sharing the projects I take on with steps to do it yourself, and love when I hear stories of others doing exactly that!

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How about sharing your proposal story?

Last February we ate brunch at Post House in Mt. Pleasant, then decided to go on a walk on Pitt Street Bridge because we’d somehow never been out there before.  It was such a pretty, sunny day and I remember taking some pictures at the end of the bridge to send to my sister when Hunter mentioned that it seemed like the right time.  Right time for what?

I turned around, and he got on one knee!  At that point, I couldn’t tell you a thing he said, because I was completely in shock that he was proposing and I just started crying.  Hunter said I squeezed his face, and then kissed him.  I didn’t even take the ring, so he gave it to me after the initial shock wore off.

I had planned on sanding my grandparents’ table the rest of the day, but then I was too excited for that and we went to Tavern & Table for a glass of champagne instead.  Shortly after, we shared the happy news with our families!

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  1. You’re so great at DIY! Do you have any favorite projects you’d like to share? Bonus points if they’re wedding-friendly!

I always love the oyster shell candles that I make from local oyster shells.  They’ll probably be on some tables at our wedding, and would be a great addition to a centerpiece.  Since I’m really hands on and had a vision of what I wanted, I ended up doing our Save the Dates + Stationery myself.  Non-wedding related, the navy blue ball fringe curtains that I made for our guest room are a recent favorite.  I was able to recreate some Pottery Barn curtains for ⅓ of the cost!


  1. Any planning advice for other local couples who might be getting married?

No matter how much planning and preparing you do, your wedding isn’t going to be perfect and something unexpected is bound to happen.  Remember that this day is about starting your life together, and not worrying if the tables and chairs are in the right place.  Let the small things go, and enjoy the moment!  It’s going to be great, no matter what 🙂

  1. One more moment of wedding weakness: what were the most important aspects of planning your wedding for you and your fiancé?

For us the wedding isn’t just about us, but really sharing this special time with our family and friends.  We really want to make sure everyone has a great weekend, and that any out of towners can understand why we love living here so much.  Our goal is to let everyone experience all that Charleston has to offer from downtown to the waterways.

  1. Describe your perfect Charleston weekend.

It’d start at going to spin class Saturday morning, then grabbing a bacon, egg and cheese bagel immediately afterwards to cancel it out.  If it’s not football season, we would go to Sullivan’s Island to relax on the beach for a little while, then grab lunch (wings & game changers) at Home Team BBQ.  I love getting dinner and drinks downtown with a group of friends, and if it’s a crazy night, ending up at the Silver Dollar like we are back in college.

Sunday mornings are for brunch — somewhere in Mt. Pleasant or downtown depending on our mood — and then working on whatever projects I have going on.  I always like to end the weekend with a good dinner, whether it’s a pot luck at a friend’s house or we make it at home.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.14.29 PM

  1. Do you have any favorite shops in Charleston? Or any local wedding vendors you’d like to shout out?

Las Olas is the best place for bikinis, watches and sunglasses in Charleston, hands down.  I also love browsing Celadon and Nadeau for furniture and home decor.

As for our wedding vendors, the Crazy Dutchman has been great to work with for our catering, bar, and rental needs.  They’ve made all of that so easy for me!  Also Lynn, the events coordinator at our venue The Island House, has been wonderful to work with as well, answering random emails and questions whenever I think of them.

  1. How about a favorite date night restaurant? Or a favorite brunch spot?

Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island is one of our favorite places to eat.  The ambiance is amazing, and the food is top notch (get a homemade pasta).   Plus you can just go downstairs for gelato afterwards.  The Shelter is always a go-to casual brunch spot for the carafes of mimosas, but I’ve also fallen in love with Indaco’s brunch recently.  It’s so delicious!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.51.49 PM

  1. What sets Charleston apart from other cities you’ve lived in?

There are the obvious answers that include the great southern charm and scenery, but for me, it’s the people.  Charleston is quickly growing, but we’re still a close knit community, which was pretty apparent last June.  Instead of letting something horrific tear us apart, we did the opposite and came together — literally holding hands and crossing the Ravenel Bridge —  to show our unity and love.  It’s small things like that that reinforce why I love this city so much!  The history, beach, and charm don’t hurt though 😉

Thanks to Helen for reaching out to me for this Q&A, and I hope any brides-to-be check out Borrowed & Blue for their resources and wedding inspiration!  Plus, I’m always up to give you Charleston recommendations if you need some!

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