It’s been 2 years since we closed on our house (craziness!!), and in those two years we have explored this part of Mount Pleasant a lot.  Seaside Farms is super close to us, and we eat at the different restaurants there a fair bit since they’re so convenient.

Crave Kitchen & Cocktails is one of these restaurants that I’ve eaten at more for just about any type of meal: brunch, lunch, girls night, date night, happy hour, etc.  They also have a food truck that comes to SPARC a bunch.  This is all building you up to understand how excited I was when Taylor asked if I wanted to go with him to their media dinner the other night.

We started the dinner at a big table on their patio, which was great because the weather had been beautiful that day.  After a bit of a late start, the group had drinks, got a tour of their food truck and were anxiously awaiting the first course: mac n’ cheese.

crave_mac n cheese

Crave is known for their mac n’ cheese — it’s actually the winningest mac in America!  So the mac comes out, with three big plates of short rib, pulled pork and shrimp to put on top.  Short rib with the mac was easily my favorite combo.  I also ate wayyyyy too much considering it was only the first course.

Next up: brie bites.  These were basically huge fried brie balls with apple chips and a grape / pepper marmalade.  I split a plate with Connelly and we both went back for another half.

One thing to note is that with each course, we were receiving cocktails that paired well with them.  I started with some wine (#malbecmonday), then we received a habanero mojito with the mac, and prosecco drink with the brie.  It was gonna be one of those Mondays…

For entree time, we moved inside.  They brought out 2 entrees: hanger steak and sea scallops. I can’t eat the scallops, but they looked and smelled good. That hanger steak though…. Okay, so there was hanger steak, sauteed spinach, bing cherries, and brie (and walnuts for those non-food allergy kids).  Getting a bite with all of that was awesome — so many textures!  This was my favorite course of the night, hands down.

The two cocktails for these courses were a tequila sangria, and rifle range rye.  The latter was surprisingly light and refreshing, which was kinda needed at this point in the night.  Also tequila in a sangria seems like a great idea, and was executed really well.

crave_hanger steak

As if we weren’t full already, there was one course left: dessert.  Dessert consisted of seared pears, walnuts (or not), bing cherries, cranberries, caramel and humboldt fog goat cheese.  Somehow they managed to put cheese in every dish, but the goat cheese totally tied the dessert all together.


Crave even sent us some with some leftovers, and more mac!  Hunter was pumped about that… If you haven’t been to Crave, you definitely need to check it out.  And if you have, come with me to eat more mac, the hanger steak, and pears!  And their brunch..

Special thanks to Peter, Chef Landen, Anthony & Damon for a great start to my week!  I had to end with a pic of all the drinks i had by the time I left.  Despite my best efforts, I tried all the cocktails, but couldn’t finish all of them..


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