I seriously had a blast at my bachelorette weekend in Savannah — thank you to ALL who made it so special and fun!  Today I’m sharing a few of the other little crafts and gifts that my sister and I collaborated on.

Drink Glasses

Lauren was super excited about having a mimosa bar on Saturday morning, so we decided we wanted some fun cups that everyone could use on the beach, and take home for later.  We found these great recyclable shatterproof plastic wine glasses on Amazon that were shipped to my house.

The hardest part was coming up with what to put on them.  We couldn’t decide between a quote, or design, but ultimately ended up with anchors and names.

Thanks to the Cricut, I just designed the anchors, cut & adhered those to the glasses, then cut everyone’s name in white, and layered them on top of the anchor.

bach glasses 01bach glasses 03IMG_7439

To keep with the colors Lauren wanted to use, I printed gold anchors and put those on all the extra glasses we had.  The best part: making 24 custom shatterproof wine glasses only cost ~$30!  The extra ones will be perfect for the boat or beach too.bach glasses 04

There was a little bar area on the side between the main living room and dining area, so we cleared off the bottom two shelves and put the glasses on there for everyone to take.  (Link to make the banner here)IMG_5061

Anchor Garland

After making the banners, I had some leftover card stock, and anchors that had been cut out and discarded.  This got me thinking that if I cut out more anchors, I could tie them to twine and make a garland!  So that’s exactly what I did…

garland_anchor 03garland_anchor 05

One of the strands was inside in the living room, and the other went on the porch, by the big outdoor eating table.


Beach = sunglasses, and Lauren ordered some cheap blue ones online for everyone.  I had just gotten some gold chrome vinyl in, so we decided to put the event hashtag (that she so cleverly came up with) on the side.bach_shades 01bach_shades 02

The sunglasses were perfect to wear on the Savannah slow ride and we got some cute pics of them on.IMG_0011IMG_0014By the way, I have been waiting ever so patiently to share all of this.  We started working on all of this back in January, and Lauren has been laughing at me knowing that I had already drafted a post to share it all…  Needless to say, I’m still loving the Cricut 🙂

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