Remember a few weeks ago when Hunter and I had a yard-a-palooza and did a bunch of yard work?  Well part two of that was completed this past weekend, and I’m excited to show off all of our work!

Starting with the front bed that needed help –> When we first moved in, there were huge bushes that were tall and reached out 7ft in some areas.  Needless to say, we trimmed them back and let them grow back in a more manageable way.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we finally removed the bushes and started putting new plants in the bed.  This weekend we went back to Abide-a-while for another consultation and bought more plants to fill out the space.

Oh, and I laid 10 bales of pine straw afterwards. It was much needed, but super tiring.  So here’s the newly planted front bed with the addition of Samantha lantana, and white trailing lantana.IMG_7547


And to see where we started from 2 years ago (and the huge hedges), here’s a before and after of the front of our house.

yard_16 10

Okay, onto the backyard.  Outside of the yard, we haven’t given the back patio much love and it’s looked pretty sad — I think I’ve only sat out there once or twice in the two years.  IMG_7314

We decided to finally add some furniture and went with a lounge instead of the traditional table and chairs.  World Market had some great options, and we grabbed an outdoor rug, and garden stools too.  I found some pillows at Target, and we were looking good…




Friday night, I enjoyed a little happy hour out back, and after Hunter and I finished cleaning up the yard on Saturday, we sat down and took advantage of the couch while watering the grass and plants.  Finally, a backyard to be proud of — I can’t wait to enjoy it with friends and family!


An added bonus, the pots in the back by the fire pit are the same colors!  Unintentional, yet awesome.


Now we just need to trim a few trees, pressure wash the outside of the house, and keep all the plants alive!  Onto the next project…

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