Our good friends Lauren and TJ recently moved into their new house in Mt. Pleasant and are now having fun making it their own.  I feel like we all want to make the entrance to our homes welcoming, and she did a such great job with theirs! Lauren found a pin for a black and white hello doormat, and decided to make one for their front porch… and now I’m sharing the instructions to make your own!

Painted Hello Doormat

What you’ll need:

  • Basic coir doormat
  • Black spray paint
  • Chalk
  • White paint
  • Paint brush

You can find a basic tan doormat in almost every home store, or you can give an old one you already have a facelift!  That’s exactly what Lauren did, and I love that even more.  #recycle  Here’s the doormat before the transformation:

doormat_lauren 01

Step one is to paint the doormat black using the spray paint.  Remember to have something underneath to protect the surface you’re spray painting on.  This is definitely going to take a few coats, as the doormat absorbs the paint all the way down.  Do as many coats as you need, making sure to let it fully dry in-between coats.

Next, you’ll add the ‘hello’ on top.  Lauren came over and I free handed the letters in chalk on the mat for her.  The chalk step lets you get the letters in the perfect place, and allows you to erase any mistakes  😉

doormat_lauren 03

Finally, paint over the chalk outline with white paint and a paint brush.  Like the black paint, it will probably take a few coats before you get the color coverage that you’re looking for.  Here’s a picture after the first coat:

doormat_lauren 04

Once the color is what you want, and the paint is dry, it’s ready to go by the door!  Seriously, how cute does this look?

doormat_lauren 05

All in all the project is super cheap compared to the $75 options found online!  Plus you can customize the doormat to say anything you want, and use any combination of colors to match your front entrance — that’s my kind of project!

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