Another season, another wreath!  I feel like I haven’t posted a craft in forever, and this was on my list of projects to do before May.  I finally found time to knock it out in-between busy weekends, and it didn’t take long (1.5 hours, aka 2 Law & Order SVU episodes).

Mixed Greenery Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Monogram wreath form
  • Silver spray paint
  • Greenery of your choice
  • Wire cutters
  • Wreath wire

I saw these wreath forms at Michael’s a few months ago, and thought they’d be great to build a wreath on (and show off my new last initial). Spoiler alert: This wreath will be hung at our wedding in a few weeks.

I learned my lesson from other projects, and remembered to paint the wreath form before I built the wreath out.  I grabbed some basic silver paint and painted the W part, but left the rest natural since it’d get covered with greenery.

wedding_wreath 01

While that was drying, I headed to Hobby Lobby to see what greenery options they had.  I ended up buying 3 different varieties.  One was more grassy, and it would be the foundation, so I bought more of it.  I got some faux eucalyptus, and a sprig of another fun greenery to add to the grass for some character.

Use the wire cutters and cut the greenery off the sprig or bunch so they are individual pieces that are easy to attach to the wreath.

wedding_wreath 03

Cleo was really digging the eucalyptus, and sat on it or chewed it every time I sat down to work on the wreath.  At least she’s cute, because she’s not a great assistant.

wedding_wreath 02

Okay – time to build the wreath!  Using the wire cutters, cut some wreath wire, ~5″ long.  Attach the grassy pieces to the wreath using the wreath wire, wrapping it around, then twisting close on the back.  Each piece of the grassy greenery took 2-3 pieces of wreath wire to attach it securely to the wreath form.

Slowly work your way around the wreath, then go back around again and fill in the bare places until the wreath feels full. The picture below is just one time around, I did ~ 2 more until it looked “right.”

wedding_wreath 04

Once the grassy pieces are attached, layer the faux eucalyptus on top.  You don’t want to completely cover the grassy pieces, but instead leave it so you can see both, and it’s mixed in well.

wedding_wreath 05wedding_wreath 06

After one layer of light eucalyptus, I was ready for the last part: Adding the smallest pieces of greenery.  These looks like small green berries (?) and were another shade of green, so it added some pops of bright green in.

I added 5 pieces of this greenery on top, attached with wreath wire, and spaced out even more so it wasn’t everywhere.  Voila — you have a faux mixed greenery wreath with your monogram in the middle!

wedding_wreath 08 The wine cork wreath stayed on our front door until after the wedding when my last time officially started with a W!  Here’s what the wreath looked like on the front door of the Island House at the wedding.

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