Y’all. In just under a week we’ll be getting married!  I feel like May 2016 seemed so far away for so long, and now it’s here and the big weekend is almost upon us.

People keep asking me if I’m stressed out or how planning is going, so I thought it’d be fun to list the random wedding related thoughts that go through my head during a normal day…

  • How many days are left? I feel like I should know this. (this is easier to remember now)
  • I need to clean my house before family comes.
  • Do I have enough candle holders / candles for the reception tables?
  • I really need to get those pictures frames done.
  • Where do you get a marriage license? Why don’t they accept credit cards?
  • How many pizzas can I eat before the wedding and still fit in my dress?
  • Why did Mt. P have to tear up our yard this week? When are they going to fix the damage?
  • Did I finish the hostess gifts?
  • Okay I’m here to get some rope and sharpies. Oh, cute vase! I need that. Crap, I forgot the rope & sharpies.
  • Do all the bridesmaids have their dresses?
  • How many friends are bringing randoms?
  • Do I need a spray tan before?
  • How do you buy lipstick? What color should I get?
  • Are the groomsmen gifts done?
  • Will we be able to find the bourbon we buried?
  • How can I bring Cleo to the reception?
  • What other food besides Chickfila should we serve at the open house?
  • I can drink this coke with lunch, I’ll work out later…
  • Will Publix get back to me already?
  • We need stamps. Lots of stamps.
  • What am I going to wear to the open house?
  • Does everyone know the timeline that needs to?
  • Will the mismatched dresses look okay or was I crazy?
  • I hope I don’t trip down the stairs.

These will pop into my head when I’m at work, the grocery store, spin, going to bed, etc.  Oh well, that’s normal right?

I seriously cannot wait for everyone to get in town and start the celebration!  It’s such a crazy feeling knowing that all the important people in your life are going to be in one place together!

I’ll also admit I’m excited to stop thinking about all the random wedding details 24/7…  I know I’m going to enjoy looking back at this list later and laugh.  What wedding things kept you up at night?

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