Memorial Day Weekend is always one of my favorite holiday weekends with several big events and it’s usually filled with as much sun & water activities as possible.  Unfortunately TS Bonnie decided to ruin the sun part of our plans, but we still had a very busy weekend!

Friday night we celebrated Callee’s birthday with drinks at Tavern & Table, then dinner at the new piano bar in Mt. Pleasant, Fill.  When you have a group of 20 at a dueling piano bar, you know you’re going to have a good time.  We all had fun requesting random songs, singing & dancing which managed to almost outweigh the terrible service we had.

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Memorial Day weekend is when the vet and shelter think Cleo’s birthday is, so every year she gets a few extra treats and a new toy.  To celebrate her 5th birthday, she got a manchego cake, because she has great taste in Spanish cheese.  In reality, she only got a few manchego crumbles a few times throughout the weekend and I ate most of the cheese, but hey, she loved it.  Girl loves some fancy cheese…

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Saturday was really rainy, so we stayed in and I worked on some new Etsy shop listings (coming soon 🙂 ).  Our friends Liz & Blake got engaged on Pitt Street Bridge before all the rain started, and we celebrated them with a surprise engagement party at Cocktail Club that night.  Lauren, Catherine and I made a little basket of goodies, so I had fun making them champagne glasses and a mug for Liz with gold chrome vinyl.

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Monday the rains stopped long enough to head out to Sullivan’s Island and grab lunch with a bunch of friends at Home team BBQ.  I’m pretty sure I could eat their wings, mac n cheese and a game changer every week for the rest of my life, they’re that good.
mdw 2016 1

The most exciting part of Monday for me was receiving our wedding photos back from the photographer!  I got the link while we were at Home team, so I had fun going through them with Brittney.  Memorial Day is also special for us because we started dating that weekend 4 years ago!  Four years, one house, and a lot of blog posts & house projects later, we’re happy newlyweds!

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Now cheers to the short week and this sunny Friday!

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