In college I was really good at snacking, and didn’t cook that much.  There were some dishes that I made a lot like stuffed shells, and fried okra, as well as a breakfast sandwich.  I believe there are few things in life that are better than waking up late on a weekend and starting the day with a hearty breakfast sandwich.  After years of making them, I’ve come up with my version of the perfect bacon, egg & cheese.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich


  • English muffin
  • 1 egg
  • Salt / pepper to taste
  • Palmetto Cheese – Jalapeño flavor
  • 3 strips of bacon

When I make these, I make them as efficiently as possible, so all the ingredients are ready at the same time and I can immediately eat.  Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees.  Grab a skillet and start cooking the 3 slices of bacon over medium heat.

While the bacon is starting to cook, cut your english muffin in two and spread the pimento cheese on both sides.  Now for this to have the extra kick of awesomeness, I highly suggest getting the Palmetto Cheese brand with jalapeños – I promise it’s not that hot, but it’s crucial.

Pop the pimento covered english muffin halves in the oven while it’s still preheating.  You’ll just want to toast these enough to get the cheese melting.  Back to the bacon — flip and cook like normal.  When the bacon is getting close to being your optimal bacon crispiness, time to make the egg.

Get a smaller pan, spray it with non-stick spray, and crack the egg in the pan.  Honestly, any type of egg will work here: scrambled, fried, etc.  I switch between scrambled (with a lil milk) and fried, but have really been loving how the yolk oozes down the sandwich when you use a fried egg lately, so fried egg it is!  Once it starts to cook, I always season it with salt & pepper out of habit.

About this time your english muffin halves should be ready and the cheese melted, so take those out of the oven.  When the bacon is done, pat it dry on a paper towel and put the bacon on half of the sandwich.

You’ll notice that 2 strips of bacon fit on the english muffin nicely, not three. Yup, that’s on purpose — Eat one strip of bacon while your egg finishes cooking.  Put the egg on the other half, top with your bacon half, pour a mimosa or tall glass of milk, and enjoy!  You’re officially ready for the day after finishing one of these off.


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