There were a lot of small things that we did to make our wedding very personal that most people probably didn’t notice.  Honestly, these were probably the most fun parts to think about  and we both enjoyed this part.

Not necessarily a small detail, but I wanted to get our “ring shots” in one of my oyster shell dishes.  I painted a silver one and packed it to bring to the house.  It would have been weird not to have one of my signature Coastal Kelder items there!


Hunter and I have both experienced the loss of a parent, and since your parents are such a huge part of the big day, you notice that empty spot even more.  While we knew that they were there in spirit, we wanted to do something to acknowledge them and the other loved ones we’ve lost.  We added a little something in our programs, and there were 2 white roses sitting on seats in the first row for them.

At one point Hunter’s sister, mentioned that his mom had baby’s breath in her hair when she married Hunter’s dad, so I tucked that bit of knowledge away.  Elaine gave Lara a few pieces of baby’s breath that she put in the braids on the back of my head as a nod to Karen.

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My dad’s side of the family is Scottish, and we’re part of the Elliott clan.  I received some scrap fabric of our clan’s tartan, and asked Gown Boutique to sew a small heart on the inside of my dress close to my heart for him.  I guess this counted as my something blue too?
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Our welcome table included photos of our family marriages, programs, and oars which we used as a guest book, but my favorite part was the remembrance side.  I made a sign that said “Because some that we love are in Heaven, there’s a little bit of Heaven at our wedding” and included pictures of our parents and grandparents.

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Ready for something a little more upbeat?  At cocktail hour a specialty cocktail was served and we wanted to choose something that most people would like (which excluded bourbon) and that had some tie to Charleston.  The obvious answer was to include Sweet Tea vodka, and they served that with some lemonade for a Southern touch.

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We both love local Charleston businesses, and I had my heart set on getting desserts from Sweet Lulu’s Bakery.  She’s all around the lowcountry and serves desserts in mason jars!  We did 4 different flavors: Red velvet, Southern Comfort coconut cake, Bourbon apple crumble and a blueberry cobbler.View More: of local, Hunter sported a Brackish Bowtie and pin.  These are handmade in Charleston from peacock and pheasant feathers!View More: even repped South Carolina on his sleeves, and had the state palmetto and crescent cuff links from Smathers and Branson.View More:

I didn’t have many accessories, but I did wear a bracelet and earrings.  I found this sea glass bracelet on Etsy and fell in love with the transition of sea glass colors from clear to green to blue.  All of those colors were present in the wedding, and I loved that it was something different, so it seemed perfect!wedding_bracelet

Hunter got me a custom pair of pearl earrings and necklace from his friend Haley who is the owner of Hermosa Jewelry!  They were friends at USC, and she has been making beautiful jewelry for years.  I am waiting to wear the necklace to another event, but the earrings were just what I needed that day and I was excited to show Hunter.View More:’s nothing like live oaks in the South. Period.  We wanted to enhance the natural beauty of the oaks, so we hung white lanterns from rope in 3 oaks on the property.  There were also lights strung from the house, oak, and water to the tent. *Swoon*
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Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 2.55.23 PMRemember this guy?  The mixed greenery wreath I made was hung on the front door of the house, and acted as a backdrop during cocktail hour.
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I’m not much of a matchy – matchy type of person, and went with the mismatched look for the bridesmaid dresses and reception centerpieces.  The girls all chose a cobalt blue-ish dress that was short and that they would wear again (when you’ve been a bridesmaid 7 times, being able to really wear a bridesmaid dress again was key for me).  This turned out perfect, and they all looked so beautiful in dresses that matched their personality!

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Like I mentioned, the centerpieces were mismatched too.  Elaine at Frampton’s Flowers did a great job nailing the eclectic mix of vases, candle holders, flowers, greenery and oyster shells & candles.  Every table was a little different, but worked as a whole.

View More: View More: last fun detail to share was our exit.  Our friends lined the sea wall and we ran down the line high fiving like we were running out of a tunnel to a football game (we all know I loved that).  Then we got on his parent’s boat, and sailed away!  Perfect ending to a wonderful day!WILDS WEDDING-WILDS WEDDING-0710


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