Burying Bourbon

Have you ever heard of burying bourbon before your wedding?  Most people haven’t, but supposedly if you bury a bottle of bourbon upside down, one month before your wedding where you are getting married then you will have great weather on your wedding day!

You can probably file this under a crazy and possible not true Southern tradition, but with an outdoor wedding and no solid rain plan, I was happy to do something weird to help ensure beautiful weather.  Plus Hunter loved that it included bourbon..

Post and Courier wrote an article about the tradition back in 2014, and apparently it’s more of a modern thing, which explains why several friends hadn’t even heard of it before.  Well on April 14th the two of us met at the Island House at lunch to bury a bottle of Maker’s 46.  Hunter went with Maker’s instead of his favorite, Blanton’s, because of the wax sealed top.


During the reception we (aka Hunter) dug up the bottle!  View More: http://mintedphotography.pass.us/wilds-wedding WILDS WEDDING-WILDS WEDDING-0473 View More: http://mintedphotography.pass.us/wilds-wedding

I’m not saying the bourbon was the reason we had amazing weather in May, but I’m not denying it either.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, we had a great breeze and the temperature was perfect.

Did you bury bourbon before your wedding day?  I’d be interested to know who else knew about this crazy, Southern tradition!



8 thoughts on “Burying Bourbon

  1. Meg Taylor says:

    Haha I have never heard of this before, but what a fantastic idea – anything helps to try and keep the rain away for an outdoor wedding, right?? I am going to send your post to my sister-in-law who has an outdoor vineyard wedding a month from tomorrow!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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