Danielle and I were both really excited about our Cricut Craft Night, and she came across this cute potted paper plant you could make with a Cricut or on your own.  We both agreed that it would be perfect to be one of the two crafts we offered on our craft night.

Potted Paper Philodendron

What you’ll need:

  • 4 pieces of cardstock in 2 shades of green (2 per color)
  • 32 gauge floral wire
  • Hot glue
  • Floral tape
  • Terra cotta pot
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Fake moss

You can customize this to your needs and make the leaves smaller, use different shades of green, or even a different pot like the white one I had laying around — so use this to get you started and personalize as you wish!

First, download the leaf template on Lia Griffith’s site.  If you have a Cricut, use the SVG, or download the PDF if you want to cut the leaves by hand.  I cut 2 different sizes of the leaves so it was a little more realistic.

philodendron 01

When your leaves are cut, fold them in half to create the middle vein.  Then create the stem of the leaf by using floral wire.  Attach the floral wire about an inch above the base of the leaf using hot glue.  Attaching the stem there will allow the leaves to naturally hang down like they normally do.

philodendron 02

When the wire stem is attached, wrap floral tape around the stem, starting at the base, to cover the wire and make it look realistic.  This step seemed to take forever for me. Repeat these steps for all of the leaves you are going to put in your pot.

Put your styrofoam ball in your pot and cover the ball with the fake moss.  Then stick the leaves into the foam ball at varying heights and angles to finish your masterpiece.

Finally, pick a place to display your cute potted paper philodendron!  I put mine in our guest room because I keep forgetting to water the peace lily in there and I’ve killed two (oops).  Now I won’t have to worry about killing this plant too!

philodendron 05 philodendron 03philodendron 04


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