I find & clean lots of oyster shells throughout the year, but not every oyster shell is great for becoming a candle or ring dish, so I have lots of leftover shells sitting around.  Taylor gave me an idea to make oyster shell picture holders, and I decided to make them with the longer / flatter shells I have.

Oyster Shell Picture Holder

What you’ll need:

  • Oyster shell
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Small clothespin
  • Goop

First, paint the oyster shell however you want.  I opted for gold bottom & edge with clear on top.  Get your clothespin ready to attach to the back.  Michael’s has all sorts of cute clothespins now, but I just got some small, darker natural wood ones.

oyster picture holder 02

Attach the clothespin to the back of the oyster shell using the Goop.  Make sure that the part of the clothespin that opens and closes is facing up, so it will hold your picture, and the bottom sits flat with the shell in front of it.oyster picture holder 03

Wait a few hours (or even overnight) for the Goop to dry, then sit your oyster up and add a picture!oyster picture holder 06 oyster picture holder 07

oyster picture holder 08

It can give any shelf a little touch of the beach without being too overwhelming, and is a quick to make! A win-win in my eyes..


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