While Hunter was gone on a work trip, I used the time to watch a lot of Olympics and come up with some new designs.  The first one I came up with was based off the saying “I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.”  First I made it into a pillow, but then I saw the August vinyl challenge on Instagram for the 12 days of DIY, and decided to made it into a sign as well!

Reclaimed Wood + Vinyl Sign

What you’ll need:

  • Reclaimed wood sign
  • White vinyl
  • Cricut
  • Transfer paper

I wasn’t really sure what kind of sign I wanted to make, but found a great shaped 12″ x 12″ reclaimed wooden sign at Hobby Lobby.  After getting home, I was ready to go!

bushel sign 01

First, cut your design into your vinyl using your Cricut.  I used a matte while vinyl I already had so the color would pop against the wood.  Then weed the excess vinyl away from the design, and add the transfer vinyl on top.  Go over it with a flat tool or credit card to make sure the vinyl design will easily stick to the clear transfer side.

bushel sign 02

Next, get ready to put the vinyl on the wood.  Peel the back away from the vinyl design, being careful that all of it stays with the clear side.  Arrange the design where you want it on the wood, and again use your tool or credit card to get it to adhere to the wood with some pressure.

Finally, pull away the top clear piece.  Your design should now be on the wood!  I made sure each letter and part of the design was firmly attached to the wood so it wouldn’t peel away. This lil sign just needs a place in our home to hang!bushel sign 03

Now that I know vinyl works on wood, I will be making all sorts of signs!  Who needs one?

Here’s the pillow version I made first.  Kinda in love with this design right now.  It’s available in my shop now too 🙂

pillow case_bushel and peck 03


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