It’s officially college football season!  I was getting pretty excited about the upcoming season (and hoping GT has a better season than last year) and decided I wanted to add a lil something to our living room.  Since most of my recent crafts had been made with my Cricut, I was getting back to my roots with some burlap and paint.

Burlap Football Banner

What you’ll need:

  • Burlap, ~1 yard
  • Scissors
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Rope

You can find the banner triangles precut at most craft shops, but since I had all the supplies at home I just cut mine myself!

burlap fball banner_01

I measured out triangles that were 6″ wide at the top, and 6″ long down the middle.  Once I had the first triangle cut, I used it as a template for the other 6.burlap fball banner_02

Next, paint little football laces on the burlap pieces with the white paint.burlap fball banner_03

Thread the burlap on the twine or rope, through the holes that are already there (make one a lil bigger to get the rope through).  Evenly space the burlap triangles out on the rope, and hang!  Ours went on the mantle, below the tv where a lot of games will be watched 🙂burlap fball banner_04 burlap fball banner_05 burlap fball banner_06

Now that the house is ready, let’s kick off the season!  Go Jackets! And tigers…


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