It’s been almost 2 years since I started my sports display project (?!?!) and I realized I never finished one of the projects.  I talked about repurposing old trophies, but just left some trophy bottoms sitting in the office, never turned into bookends. Well, it’s time.

Trophy Bookends

What you’ll need:

  • Trophy bottoms
  • Goop liquid cement

At the end of September 2014 I had disassembled all my trophies, spray painted some tops, and displayed my medals and patches.  There were 4 trophy bases plus a new CSSC kickball trophy just sitting on my trunk with no purpose, and ready to be made into a book end.


This is actually really straight forward once you’re to this step.  Decide the order you want to stack the trophy bases for the book end.  I ended up keeping the top of my new CSSC one to add a little height to the book end.

Take out your liquid cement, and put it on the bottom of the base that is 2nd from bottom.  Place that base on top of your bottom base and get it where you want it.


Repeat for the remaining trophy bases until you’ve created the bookend stack.  Let the liquid cement completely dry, for a few hours or overnight.


When everything is dry and sturdy, you now have a sports book end!  I put ours on our book shelf in the living room, but eventually it’ll go with the rest of our sports memorabilia in the office / man cave.


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