This post isn’t a craft, or a recipe, it’s much bigger than that.

On June 30th we lost a friend, Amy Redeyoff.  She had a heart condition known as Myocarditis. Myocarditis is inflammation and damage of the heart muscle often caused by a viral infection and can affect young, healthy adults suddenly.

For those of you that didn’t know Amy, she was the person that made everyone feel welcome in a room.  I didn’t see her all the time, but she remembered things I mentioned to her months ago and would always ask how we were doing, how the house was, how wedding planning was, etc.  At the Charleston reception person after person got up and talked about how she was one of their best friends; she was part of so many circles.  She put her all into life, and especially her family – husband Dave, and dog-child Lola.  Amy always went the extra mile, what we’re now calling the Amy Mile.

Tomorrow we are walking in The American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Charleston in her memory to raise money and awareness and continue to fund research and clinical trials against heart related diseases.  You can donate to our team page here.

Occasionally I get to use my craft skills & Coastal Kelder for good causes, and this is one.  I am so excited to join my friends tomorrow as we walk for Amy.



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