As I’m sure you’ve seen, 2016 was a year full of weddings: 11 to be exact.  We had an extremely busy June with 4 back to back in different cities, and October was a close second with 3 back to back.

Lauren + TJ

Lauren and TJ are some of our best friends and we’ve been looking forward to this wedding all year!  We introduced them back in 2014 and were both in the wedding, so we knew this would be a fun and busy weekend.  Lauren and TJ were married on October 1st at their church in Mt. Pleasant, and the reception was in the Cedar Room at the Cigar Factory in downtown Charleston.

Highlights: Having our college friends together all weekend from rehearsal dinner to watching football on Shem Creek Sunday afternoon, the Adpi / Beta Greek cheer battle that broke out at the end of the reception, Clemson’s win over Louisville (and Hunter’s excitement at Trio), and the bunny snapchat filters being used all weekend.

lb-wedding-01lb-wedding-04 lb-wedding-02lb-wedding-03

Molly + Matt

You’ve already read about this crazy hurricane weekend.  My cousin Molly first introduced her husband Matt to us when they visited Charleston and met us for brunch at The Shelter (obviously we loved him).  They were married at the Pavilion at Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC.  Family wedding 3 of 4 this year complete!

Highlights: Hurricane Matthew, Cleo’s first road trip, Darren eating 5 steaks at the reception, and family selfie videos singing Africa.

raleigh-18raleigh-17raleigh-06 raleigh-19

Sarah + Daniel

Sarah and I were also Adpi’s at Cofc together, and the 4 of us played on the same flag football team for a few seasons.  They have been dating for a long time, so we were happy the time had finally come for them to tie the knot!  Their wedding & reception were at Gold Bug Island, just between Mt. Pleasant & Sullivan’s Island.

Highlights: Daniel serenading his bride (and us), TJ & Brittney kicking out wedding crashers, and the girls trying to find JT on Sullivan’s Island after the wedding.sarahdaniel-01sarahdaniel-03 sarahdaniel-02 10 of the 11 weddings this year are done, woohoo!  Congrats to all of the October newlyweds!


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